As a Healer, there is a deep calling to assist others through helping to shape the world, both for this generation and those to come. Healing The Healer recognizes that the work begins from the inside out; It starts with you.

Are you ready to walk the Healer's journey?

To take the Goddess within and remind the shadow self that, I see you, and you may not have been that bad.

This pre-recorded course explores the habits, doubts, and the fears of the Healer.

Setting the past free, we place time stamps to acknowledge the pain as real, while understanding that we are no longer living in that old story.

This course is solution focused on creating a plan, setting healthy goals, and taking the action steps.

Make yourself a priority and join Corrie, as we walk together to Heal The Healer.

Watch the video below to learn more about what to expect in this pre-recorded series Healing the Healer.

Registration Information

Hi! I'm Corrie Thorne

Nice to meet you! I am the founder/creator of the More Than Existing™️ brand, books, and self-actualization coaching program. My ‘why’ to the work, is to share my stories and gifts in the hope that others may discover that they are so much more than the stories, fears, and insecurities. To become loyal to the longest relationship you will ever have, the relationship with you. As I often share with others, "If you could see what I can see you would never doubt you again!”

I am a woman with a passionate heart, blended in diversity and love, with a belief that the truest of you is waiting to be discovered when you take the journey inward to discover the divine within.

I may never be the right fit for the world, but I finally belong in my world, and I open my heart to invite in more love each and every day.

Much love, Corrie