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Founded by Ra Uru Hu in 1992, Human Design takes you on a journey to discover yourself and how you interact energetically with the world around you based on your birth information. Human Design combines the teachings of Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah, and the Chinese I' Ching. 


Inner Alchemy

You have the power within to transform your life

Self Guided. Instant Access

Learn to recognize your natural shadow tendencies and how to intercept your habitual patterns and self-sabotaging moments. Explore the 3 awareness centers through the teachings of Human Design, the Gene Keys, and Lightworker Coaching.


Human Design Online Consultation

For those new to Human Design (or just getting started), this consultation is designed to provide a broad overview of your design and assessment of how to start the deconditioning process. Great for those looking to increase intuition, mitigate fears, identify self-sabotages, and enhance overall inner harmony. Available online through zoom and recorded for future reference.


Meet Your Guide, Lisa Richard

Lisa Richard is a certified Living Your Design Guide through the International Human Design School.

As a Manifestor, Lisa was attracted to Human Design back in 2019 and set off on a deep exploration to learn, absorb, and gather as much information as possible with a desire to understand self and others within her environment.

Lisa's passion for teaching shines through as she gently guides students through their unique design, helping to identify areas of deep conditioning & not self behaviours, and inspiring a change to embark on the deconditioning process through aligning oneself to their Human Design strategy and authority.

Lisa recognizes that the journey back to wholeness is not a "quick fix" and offers students who have completed the Learning Your Design Workshop opportunities to continuing networking together in a supportive environment, learning, growing, and supporting each other through the deconditioning process.


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