We all have the ability to create, but are you aware of your creations? Are you aware that thoughts become things, fear manifests into self-sabotaging moments, and that cultivating faith within yourself has the power to set you free? But what is faith? This one single word can have many interpretations. For me it’s a personal experience. Knowing faith watches over you, faith guides you, faith is you. Question is do you believe in yourself?  

In this 3 part Inner Alchemy workshop we focus on the 3 awareness centers: Instinctual, Comprehensive, and Emotional using the teachings of Human Design, the Gene Keys, and Lightworker Coaching.  


  • Learn to recognize your natural shadow tendencies and how to intercept your habitual patterns and self-sabotaging moments. 
  • Discover your natural way of processing information, learn to relax the mind and body and tap into the inner guidance system. 
  • Learn to recognize and surrender into your natural emotional waves or ability to feel another’s emotions without becoming overwhelmed. 
  • Learn about your instinctual fears and the gifts associated with its corresponding intuitive abilities. 
  • Discover and learn to embrace your sensitivities. 

You have the power within to transform your life

Instinctual Awareness: Splenic Center

Pure body consciousness. The center of health and intuitive awareness. Fears related to survival.

Conceptual Awareness: Ajna Center

3rd Eye Activation. Ability to problem solve, find solutions, innovation, and reasoning.

Emotional Awareness: Solar Plexus

Understanding our capacity to feel. Embracing the spirit and depth of emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

Start your journey towards self-empowerment today.

Meet your Instructor, Lisa Richard

Lisa Richard is a certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, Ancestral Healer / Past Life Reclamation, Lightworker Coach, Human Design Guide, Intuitive Channel / Oracle Card Reader, and Keynote Speaker living on Vancouver Island.

Lisa specializes in helping individuals to understand their unique gifts, build a deeper faith within themselves, and address the self-sabotaging behaviors or fears that tend to stand in the way. She uses her gifts as an empath and intuitive channel to guide clients towards fulfilling the calling of their life purpose.

If you are ready to shine your light out into the world, embrace the shadow of your imperfection, and take the necessary action steps in reclaiming responsibility for your destiny, then reach out and let us walk side-by-side together in love and support.

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