In the teachings of Human Design, our Root center brings forward the energy of stress as a pressure to stimulate change.

Learn how to recognize stress in your body, what it is trying to communicate to you, and healthy ways to support yourself in making positive changes.

Enrolment includes instant access to a pre-recorded explanation of both the undefined and defined root center in Human Design + an opportunity to reach out for a personalized recording on the aspects of your design. Dive deep into your Root center, its active gates, specific lines, planetary associations, and more. There is so much to discover through your Human Design Chart.

**Your Human Design birth chart is required for this course. You can get your free chart HERE

The Living Your Design Masterclass is a transformational journey that can change your life. In this foundational masterclass you will immerse yourself in the most foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design, as taught by its founder Ra Uru Hu and preserved through the International Human Design School.

The information in the Living Your Design Masterclass leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Learn about your unique design, your energy type, and how to more effectively use your design to move with the gentle flow of life, attracting more abundance, prosperity, joy and happiness into your life.

There are 9 modules within the Living Your Design Masterclass. Purchased separately.

Registration Requirement

**Your Human Design birth chart is required for this course. You can get your free chart HERE

Must be 18 years of age or older to enrol.

Meet your Guide

Lisa Richard is a certified Living Your Design Guide through the International Human Design School. As a Manifestor, Lisa was attracted to Human Design back in 2019 and set off on a deep exploration to learn, absorb, and gather as much information as possible with a desire to understand self and others within her environment. Lisa's passion for teaching shines through as she gently guides students through their unique design, helping to identify areas of deep conditioning & not self behaviours, and inspiring a change to embark on the deconditioning process through aligning oneself to their Human Design strategy and authority. Lisa recognizes that the journey back to wholeness is not a "quick fix" and offers students who have completed the Learning Your Design Workshop opportunities to continuing networking together in a supportive environment, learning, growing, and supporting each other through the deconditioning process.

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