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Journey Through the Mystical Realms Series

"The Magical & Mystical Powers of the Winged Ones"

Are you ready to fly above your limited beliefs and beyond what the human eye can see?

Travel with Mystic Corrie Thorne into a journey of discovering and becoming aware of how the wings of the magical and mystical essence of the spirit become clipped from the belief of how we are blessed and how we are surrounded by the magic and the power of imagination and the non-visible world.

The mirage of the winged ones is the magic to see the essence of the true power that exist within and around us.

Having personally travelled through the journey of self-discovery and able to live within the dreamscape and the non-visible world, I have seen and witnessed creatures and beings that I can no longer deny, and most were more loving and caring than any human being is possible of obtaining.

The birds, dragons, and angels are more than you may think and can be the beginning of an awakening or awareness of how much more you and your world are than the limited beliefs that hold you captive in only a human eye view.

These classes are intended to open our minds, release judgement, evolve beyond our beliefs about our universe, and learn to expand our own abilities to see life as it exists through the realms.

Can you remember the childhood magic and the openness to discovering the awe of the world around you? Let us journey together so that once again you may remember beyond what the human eyes can see. 

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Corrie Thorne

Author and Creator of the More Than Existing™ book and self-actualization coaching program. Corrie, a woman who is keeping it real! She is blended in love and ancestral diversity, a woman of Mi’kmaq First Nations descent, blessed to channel the wisdom of the ancestors and the divine. A mystic, keynote speaker, certified psychic medium, oracle card reader, Reiki master and teacher, spiritual and past life healer, and so much more.

A business woman for over 30 years, she knows how to fail, fall, and get back up. Today she knows her worth, she knows what it takes to build a great team. Corrie’s mission has always been to talk with people, not just to people. To make every voice and face matter, for we all have the same light within. She brings the guidance of love from all in the spirit world, that we are here to experience the moment with awe, wonder, with faith, and not fear.

Today she is More Than Existing™ and after years of making women look beautiful from the outside in and being the unpaid life coach, she changed gears, stepped away, healed the wounded Healer in her, and started a movement to guide others through what she knows works to change themselves from the inside-out, move beyond the reflection of the fear, and into a life of More Than Existing™ a professional life/ business coach who truly walks the talk!

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