Discover the Angelic Realm

$29.99/month. billed monthly

A bundle of 5 courses including:

  • Channeling the Guardian Angels (60 min Channeled teaching)
  • Connecting with Angels (120 min Channeled teachings)
  • Enhancing Your Intuition and Working with the Angels (90 min Channeled teaching and guided meditation)
  • The Forgotten Beauty of Earth Angels (120 min Channeled teaching)
  • Purification with the Seraphim Angels

Available for Separate Purchase . .

Curious about the Angelic Realm?

Corrie Thorne (Divine Channel, Psychic Medium, & Emotional / Spiritual Consultant) shares her ability to channel the Angelic Realm in a series of courses to help all discover the power of feeling lighter, freer, and liberated from the past.

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